Meet our MGA Gymnastics recreational Class Staff.


Dwight P.  (Boys classes, Tumbling Classes, Ninja Classes)

IMG_1505.JPGAbout Dwight: Dwight has been coaching gymnastics classes at MGA for the past year and a half. Dwight is a 17 year old  Apopka High school student with excellent grades. He participates on the Apopka wrestling and football teams.

     Dwight’s favorite thing about coaching is that he gets to watch all the kids he coaches grow as gymnasts. Dwight enjoys coaching Ninja Squad the most because he likes to see the boys get stronger and always giving 100 percent.

When Dwight is not working at the gym he likes to work out and enjoys being outside. As a coach, Dwight would like to see all of the children he coaches move up and learn more challenging skills and some day compete.

Qualifications:     Dwight has taken and completed his U100 (Fundamentals of gymnastics instruction) course through USAG as well as mentoring under Coach Josh (Elite Level Coach) and Kellen Tichenor (Elite Level Coach).  He is working on several additional instructional courses to further his knowledge in the sport.


Derek S. (Boys classes, Girls Gymnastics Classes, Tumbling Classes, Ninja squad)

IMG_1511.JPGAbout Derek:  Derik has been coaching gymnastics for 1 year. Derek is a high school graduate, and participated in basketball. Derek enjoys when the athletes he is coaching move up in levels, and watching the kids grow and advance. Derek’s favorite event to coach is the vault because of the technique that is involved in a good vault. When not coaching Derek enjoys playing basketball. Derek’s goals for athletes he coaches to be the best they can be.

Hannah R.  (Girls Gymnastics classes, Tumbling classes, Preschool)

About Hannah: Hannah has been coaching gymnastics, and cheerleading for 1 year. Hannah is a local high school student. Hannah is a cheerleader for high school, and competitive team cheer. Hannah is CPR certified. Hannah loves working with kids, and enjoys the reactions when they learn a new skill, while enjoying the challenges kids bring to her. Hannah enjoys coaching floor the most because when kids learn a skill they always want to show their parents. When Hannah is not coaching, she enjoys shopping, cheerleading (especially Friday nights) and enjoys supporting University of Florida Gators.  As a coach Hannah would like to see all her athletes move up levels and develop passion for whatever sport they chose.

Drake S.  (Girls Gymnastics classes, Tumbling classes, Preschool, Boys gymnastics, Ninja squad)

About Drake: Drake has been coaching for 4 years. Drake is a local high school student, and former gymnast. Drake uses his gymnastics experience as well as being taught by elite level coaches to coach his classes. Drake enjoys watching the kids he coaches learn new skills and watching them take to the next steps in gymnastics and towards team. Drakes favorite event to coach is floor exercise. In drakes free time he enjoys jet skiing, long boarding, and photography. Drake would like to see all of his kids progress and potentially join team.

Qualifications:     Dwight has taken and completed his U100 (Fundamentals of gymnastics instruction)