By Brian Keith Shrewsbury    

When no one is looking, when no one is listening and no one is around, what you do and what you say is who you really are. All of us have different moods or even act differently around different people. Often you may project on others how you feel they treated you. A bad day could effects your whole personality and get you off track. Being who you want to be 24/7 and being authentic is a difficult task for anyone.

    For most of us being consistent in who we are does not come naturally. It takes work to speak and behave in a way that you want others to see you. Try living your life backwards; know who you want to be, what you want to be, and where you want to go and adjust your behaviors to reach these goals. Over time and hard work you will become more consistent and move toward reaching your goals.

     None of us are perfect, we don’t always do what we should, but the consequences of not reaching your goals should help to keep you on the straight and narrow and feeling good about your journey to a better life. Knowing who you are, your identity and being authentic to others will help you achieve a purpose driven life.


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