What is your definition of winning for your child? As a parent, should you encourage your child to win for the team? Should a child have his or her hard work promote a business or a coach? The time away from family and the long hours in the gym, is a huge sacrifice. What will your child receive for all of that hard work at the end of the day? 

     A good gymnastics experience should make your child feel good about themselves and create a happy, healthy well rounded child. Your child should have friends and a second family that supports him or her at the gym. He or she should be surrounded by caring people that are looking out for each other, both with teammates as well as a community of parents and coaches that want success for him or her. 

   At MGA Gymnastics center we want you and your child to get more from our center than a winning moment; we want you and your child to get a positive experience that is remembered for a lifetime. Our coaches want nothing more then to see your child grow, get stronger, be happy and feel challenged. MGA strives every day to create an environment that gives our students both high expectations and unconditional support.

It is important to win, and medals, trophies and titles are awesome, but this is only a part of the experience of winning. Every child deserves to reach the top, and enjoy the journey it takes to get there. Your child’s hard work should never be to fuel the ego of a coach or to make money for a gym. We should never forget that our students are children, and it is about them and their time while growing up. 

     So, let me ask you again…. what is your definition of winning, and is it something you feel as a parent that you are getting from your gymnastics center? All of us at MGA Gymnastics hope your child is getting exactly what they need to grow and develop. We pledge to do what it takes and that is in our  power to help your child to become all that they can be.


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