Are you one of those people that think that feelings are stupid. They make you feel weak and you feel people will think less of you for showing that you care. You know that that is their problem and shouldn’t be yours.

    You only have a limited time to show people that you care; to tell people how much you love them. You never know when the clock will slow down and come to a stop. Life is ironic and memories and love are about all we get to take with us when we go.

    When you feel scared to tell someone how you feel, get over it and do it.  When you are afraid of being hurt, get over it and care anyway.

     Emotions and caring about each other are important. Make friends and connect with people, and never let the door close. We all need people and we all need the kind of love that helps us sustain a successful life. We just can’t have success and happiness without reaching out to others.

    If time runs out on you, it will be the greatest regret you will ever have. None of us get forever. 



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