True Story: An Angel Gone Too Early!

     I had a wonderful student who’s name I will simply call “Dor”. She died about 7 years ago in a motorcycle accident. She was only in our lives a brief time. She did gymnastics with us for only about 4 years. She switched gyms and continued for a few more years there. We all kept in touch, she was family to us.

    My kids kind of grew up with her. She was so full of life, and had opinions about everything and everyone. She never held her tongue on what she thought. Gymnastics practice was a great place to come to when she was there. I had 5 girls that I coached and of my daughters too. At the time I also coached the boys team, I kind of did it all. I look back on this time as being very blessed with kids that were awesome.

    The night we found out that she died was a devastating night. My kids were completely broken, they had never lost anyone before. They stood in our house that night in silence and we all just comforted each other. This dear person in our lives had just visited a few nights before at our house in Maryland. We had all had a chance to catch up, she knew she was loved by all of us, that night was to mean a lot to us all.

    I tell this story, because the little things in our lives that seem to make no differenced like friends and special moments, they do mean a lot to. To this day, I remember the last things I told her. I told her she meant a lot to me, and she gave me a hug and said, “ditto”. This wonderful young woman was to mean more to my family and our business then she could have ever imagined died at 16, too young to be gone so soon.

   This story is about an angel that we lost, that taught us to care about our students.  She taught us how important friends are; sharing moments, and cherishing the time you have with people. Her impact on all of our students for years to come has been felt in each of us in our family and our staff. She would never have known that her very brief presents had such an impact on so many kids after her. God bless you, “Dor”; she has been gone for too long, but her smile and the love she shared will be with us and all the kids we teach for years and years to come. Thank you “Dor” for showing us how to make MGA a special place that means something to all of our kids.

Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury


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