You have to pay attention to your kids these days. There are so many dangers today that we did not have in the past. There is sexting, porn, drugs and so many things that are so readily available and waiting for our kids to get into. It is imperative that we as parents keep our kids busy and out of trouble. 

     If something is working, and your child is happy and doing good things, leave it alone. Taking sports away as a punishment means your child has more time to get into trouble. Activities that build our kids up and are good for them like sports keep kids on track. 

    Avoid taking away long term things when your child is in trouble. Try taking away the very things that can do so much harm, like cell phones, television or computers. Make punishments temporary so that children can redeem themselves and get back on track. Sports like gymnastics, football and basketball for instance expend energy, and make kids focus on accomplishing tasks. Sports require your child to juggle schedules, maintain good grades and helps build their self esteem. 


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