From Coach Brian

About 20 years ago my kids took piano from a nice little old lady named Mrs. Kornriecht. She was also my piano teacher. She was a great piano teacher. She would hug my kids at the door, she would have cookies for them, and encourage them every step of the way learning to play the piano.

One day my kids decided that they did not want to do piano any more. It was a sad day for me, but it was their decision to stop because gymnastics had gotten so buys for all of us. So we went to her house, and gave her the sad news. She cried, she hugged us, she gave us cookies, and we all told each other we would stay in touch. Now after 20 years I still visit from time to time, not as often as we would like, and we hold wonderful memories of her and she memories of my kids.

My kids all still love Mrs. Kornriecht, and she is still teaching at the age of 85 today, turning out wonderful pianists and giving so much to her community. I am so glad that even as a young parent I knew that I should teach my children to value what she had done for them. To say thank you to their teachers. To show her respect, and to tell her thank you for everything she did for them. I am also glad that my children had the experience, and learned to value people and not throw them away.

Throughout the years my family has built bridges with our students, built long lasting relationships and taught good values to not only our kids but to others. I hope everyone in our society will get back to the basics and teach children values instead of “get what you can get, use who you can use.” I always told my kids that what you sew is what you reap.

Love to all our students and families.
Coach Brian and Family

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