There are so many factors that make a champion. There are so many types of champions. The general population believes that winning makes you a champion. A small token, a medal, or a trophy makes you a champion, maybe even money. When you start on the journey to success, you must be very careful to determine what type of a champion you hope to become and what you define as a champion.

Working to become a champion is an endeavor you should be proud of. The effort to become a world class anything, is a long and winding one needing dedication and consistency.  Many people start out with great intentions, only to later quit or realize that they can’t become what they had hoped they would. Some become disillusioned about their efforts and see themselves as failures and go no farther. If things aren’t going your way, it doesn’t mean that what you are doing isn’t worth it.  If things don’t turn out the way they should have, don’t throw away everything you have worked for. You may only have to redefine your actions and what you are doing a little bit. You may have to rethink the definition of what you think makes you a champion. Many things might be working for you, but because you are upset over things not going your way, you may end up ending everything, and start again from scratch.

There really is a place for people that don’t make it to the very top. Most of us don’t succeed the very first try or the first thing we pick. Very few of us will become NBA superstars or NFL football players with Super Bowl Championship rings. Not reaching the pinnacle does not make you a failure. There are many people that continue to enjoy basketball and playing football in college or maybe even just with friends. Finding value in where you are, and what you are doing is the secret to happiness and success. Find the blessings in even the most simple things that you do every day and be good at them.

In addition, you must learn to find a way to become a satisfied with your achievement and enjoy reaching your goals and accomplishments, but at the level you are cable of.  Setting realistic goals for yourself and redefine every day if you are on track or if you need to change something. There are champions all around us helping people, winning games, curing diseases or maybe running companies and charities.  The skills you are learning today may have value to you some time in your life. You may learn skills today that help you or someone else to overcome a hardships or some life problem. Even though you may not see value in what you are doing, or be disappointed in yourself, others around you may see you as their champion and someone to look up to and wish they were where you are.

Of course at times we all get frustrated. We set our goals and  shoot for the very top and miss. We want to be the best at what we do and we don’t want to settle. Your frustration may make you  miss that you have made achievements and that you just never stopped to give yourself credit for them. Believe there is merit in what you are doing. You are learning skills along the way to becoming great. You may learn to how to loose and still be grateful for your experiences. You may learn how to help others that are in difficult situations. When you realize that you might have to give up perfection, or maybe even alter your dreams a bit, don’t waste your time on blaming others or denying the changes you must make. It is necessary at times to fail, it helps us gain awareness of the bigger picture, and what we can do better. Being able to cope with reality of your abilities is definitely a skill that is beneficial for everyone that wants to be a champion in their life. Becoming great at anything is paved with small successes, failures and a lot of humility.

Although none of us has 20/20 vision looking into the future, you do have better vision looking backwards. In order to grow and change and become a champion, you must take the responsibility to see what you did poorly on so that you can do better in the future. Give up some things that you just are not doing too well and allow for them to change. The path you are taking might be different or frustrating but it doesn’t mean your path is wrong or is not worth it. During the times in your life when you are having a rough time, learn as many useful skills from the experience as you can, and that will make you stronger. Be ready for success and understand it when you get there.

Plan ahead for the bad times coming when things are easy. Some of the most talented people in the world fail because they don’t expect to. You become stronger and wiser with experience, and experience does not usually present itself to us in a nice way.  When you inevitably hit real problems in life, don’t just change your whole game, give up and throw in the towel. Get over yourself and use your mind and figure out what you CAN DO to make things better. Open your eyes and be realistic to what you haven’t seen before and use it for your advantage.

Throughout life you will be learning and discovering. You are supposed to grow, learn, and find out who you actually are.  Think through the things you have been doing up to this moment and see what you have learned so far. Identify the skills that are helping you be successful. Use the skills that have made you stronger. Stay on track, be consistent, and keep on doing the good while discarding the bad.

Plan ahead for success and don’t run away from everything you are not doing perfectly. Don’t give up on things and never find your purposes in life.  You are all good at many things, you just need to find out where you excel the most. Enjoy where you are and make what you have better. There is merit in what you are doing. Look around and see what is good and keep it. Change the bad stuff a little at at time and refine things until you get it right… Don’t get stuck.




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