If it will tell you the values of MGA and who we are, this past weekend showed just what a great club we are, with awesome coaches and parents. This weekend we had competitions at the gyms of some of our local competitors. We attend and supported one of these competitions this weekend and was it ever a nightmare.

The weekend began with the gym changing the location at the last minute. Thankfully one of our coaches and our parents organization found out the information, before our parents could be inconvenienced by the change. Ironically it was one of the very parents from that club that helped us out to make sure we knew the information. (Not the actual host of the competition or the director.) We thank that parent (from this gym) graciously, and the coach (previously hired by this club) as well. Thankfully all got to the meet on time, and were not inconvenienced. All were informed by our Parent organization and the wonderful cooperation of our team of parents and coaches. MGA rocks when it comes to working together for the good of our kids.

The scoring at the competition was pretty rough, but we always tell our kids to do their best in any environment, and that if they don’t make mistakes the judges can’t take the deductions. Our kids did great, they had a good team spirit and they showed their good values and the skills they were taught. Its the experience at MGA not just the sport. We teach our kids to be positive and work together in any environment good or bad. When bad people go after you, you are most definitely on track.

At every meet it seems that there are those parents that are told to be negative towards other teams; to spread a negative message and to try to recruit for their team. We tell our coaches and our kids that when the other team resorts to underhanded tactics you are right on track, you have shaken them and they don’t have any other skills to use. Our parents, coaches and kids are never at a competition to spread anything but good will to our competitors and are polite and supportive of everyone. Our organization is all about perpetuating the sport of gymnastics in a good light and in a positive way. We need to be good role models for our own children. We never want to teach our own kids to cheat or to do anything underhanded.

This weekend our competition used their parents to spread poor sportsmanship. MGA did not engage in any poor sportsmanship, and even rose above it all and were great examples to those around us (mostly children). Our competitor recruited several of our kids last year, and we continue to support those families with employment of some of their family members at our gym. We of course continue to positively support the families that left by being friendly at meets; giving hugs and praise to all children; once a student always a student. An MGA coach wants a present or former athlete to prosper, its part of being a good coach.

We support the gymnastics community and those around us by supporting their meets and by engaging in fair and healthy business practices. (there are several competitions we can not support here in our area in the future.) MGA does not support the negative behaviors we see in and around the sport and those behaviors need to stop before they damage our children. When a team needs to resort to such tactics to win, they most certainly will not be in the community for very much longer (calling scores out incorrectly, team placings and reversing decision only after their team had received recognition for a first place win). Good values and hard work carry you through and bad business practices and poor values will eventually tear down the clubs that practice them; consequences have a way of catching up.

At MGA Gymnastics we want good people that love children and want to help us foster a great atmosphere for them. We need parents that want to solve problems, encourage children and be great role models for them. MGA will be in the Orlando area for many years to come as the kind of organization that is “Kids First, Winning Second”. We want to provide quality service, great programs and over all a good experience for families. Please help us keep the bad out of MGA, and help us build a strong, united MGA Gymnastics that children can always benefit from. Thank you to all of the parents that support MGA Gymnastics every day, and especially this weekend; we love you all.

Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury

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