Hello Team Parents,

Just a friendly reminder from the owners and coaches of MGA Gymnastics. With competitive season under way, please remember to follow the rules and policies spelled out clearly in your agreement at the beginning of the season.

1. Parents are expected to support MGA Gymnastics; the owners, the coaches, each other and of course our children. This also goes for providing a wholesome role model for all children that attend MGA gymnastics. Please no foul language, screaming or coaching from the stands.

2. We are a team, not just a group of individuals. MGA asks that parents cheer for all athletes, help each other whenever you can and never disparage the performance of another gymnast, especially an MGA Gymnast, and even more…. don’t disparage your own child.

3. Please remember that MGA Gymnastics does not tolerate gossip of any kind that will hurt our team in any way. That means if you do not have something positive to say, please refrain from saying it around the gym, around the athletes and to each other.

4. We ask that while you are with MGA Gymnastics, that you support the team that you are on. We can win with a supportive team, not one that is defeating itself by undermining each other before we even show up to a competition, or even during a competition. If you are with us, than be with us, and if you are not, than there are many other wonderful gyms to choose from.

5. When attending competitions please do not encourage students from other clubs to join our club, this is not the atmosphere for that, and MGA does not encourage recruiting from other clubs. Telling your friends and people you know about MGA is great, but please refrain from disparaging other clubs. We want a good standing in our community, and not the reputation that some clubs have. We will only be strong doing things the right way, not the wrong way.

6. When attending competitions please sit with MGA Gymnastics team moms and dads, and support each other and present to other teams a united friendly front. Cheer for our kids and let them know we support them at the meet. Also support your little one on the way home, no matter how tough the day was. MGA coaches appreciate a little support an encouragement from time to time as well, just like everybody else.

7. When attending competitions know that other members from other teams will approach you to join their team. This is a tactic that some of the other clubs engage in to bring customers to their centers. MGA will never recruit from other teams, and if you as a parent are doing so you will be asked to leave our team. It is our opinion that gymnastics clubs should do what is in athletes best interest and not their own.

8. When asking questions about your child’s competition, please be receptive to learning and seeing the coaches opinions and ideas. Our coaches want what is best for your child, so please do not interrogate the coach or be negative; remember you child is watching you and will learn from you, how to treat their coach; either with respect, which is conducive to learning or with disrespect which is not helpful to children when learning. Our coaches would never interfere in your workplace with disruption, so please refrain from doing so in our workplace as well.

Please remember that we are a Team. We support the kids, the parents and each other. Clubs that have a good climate of positive parents thrive, and so do the children. A club that has negative parents that thrive on stress will fail. Clubs usually remove those parents during the season and continue the season with the supportive positive parents. This is the way most gyms vet their teams and create a strong group of parents that support. (weeding out the negative and bad) If you feel that you can not support us, or feel that you can not follow these rules, please choose another team that fits with your style.

Failure to comply with these rules, as spelled out in your contract will result in dismissal. (There are no refunds if you are dismissed) It is our hope that we will have a positive happy and productive competitive season. There will be ups and there will be downs. Remember gymnastics takes many years to become accomplished. This is unlike any sport you have been involved with. Only about 20% of girls entering gymnastics at the beginning levels ever reach level 8 or 9. Fewer than that ever reach Level 10 and Elite, and this will take close to 10 years to achieve. Be patient, don’t burn yourself and your child out. Be supportive, enjoy the experience and encourage your child, the coaches and each other. Help MGA Gymnastics do good things, positive things and create an experience that is excellent for kids.

Brian Keith Shrewsbury CEO MGA


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