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Lots of Work no Magic Potions

Lots of Work no Magic Potions
By Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury

There is No Quick Path to Being a Winning Gymnast

The catch phrase “no gain no pain”  is an accurate statement when it pertains to life and especially sports.  Making gains in life is not usually easy, and sustaining those gains take a lot of work and time.  Back a few decades ago the quick fitness craze began, with people like Jane Fonda and a bunch of other quick fit videos and exercise equipment.  These new gurus were supposed to get you fit fast, and without a lot of effort.  Most of these quick fit programs came and went, some of them were ok, but none of them stuck because there is no quick fix to fitness, or life; gymnasts is absolutely no exception.  This sport takes a minimum of 10 years to be at the top of your game.  There are no quick paths to becoming a winning gymnast.

Some History

Before the fitness craze of the 80’s The catch phrase, “No Pain No Gain” had been used  by people like, Jack LaLane and even Arnold Schwarzenegger in body building.  These two examples of fitness giants that understood that fitness gains were made over time with consistent, every day practice and rest between practice days.

Many exercise physiologists today would say that the way to hard solid muscle and a good fit body is a structured daily routine that is consistent and diverse.  Gymnastics provides a fun, constant approach to exercise.  It developed a lifestyle over time of good eating, positive exercises, and an overall healthy lifestyle.  At times parents and gymnasts want quick fixes and winning at every turn; gymnastics is just not that sport.  In most cases hard work combined with a structured positive program and commitment will lead to long term fitness rewards and gymnastics success.

Don’t Follow The Pack

When you want to really get some place in life, I believe that you have to think for yourself, blaze your own path, take a lot of risk, and be OK with failure at every turn.  Be grateful for your successes.  Without appreciation and the understanding of  hard work you may burn out and get discouraged. Appreciate the journey so that the reward at the end will be satisfying.

In the sport of gymnastics there are no magic short cuts; there is only hard work and dedication leading to successes.   There will be people that will tell you that you will fail; that you may never amount to much.  Stay clear of those kind of people, they are toxic and will poison your passion.  Don’t wait for a magic potion or a quick fix to gain the things that you want.  Hard work and making good decisions will get you where you want to be.  Each thing you accomplish will be  from hard work, support and choosing a positive environment to develop in.

MGA General Calendar

Calendar has been updated since Hurricane Irma.

Meets Coming up for MGA Girls Gymnastics Team


Trampoline and Tumbling

  • Wednesday @ 7:30 PM
  • Friday @ 7:30 PM

Class are 1 hours taught by Coach Brian – Classes include Rod Floor Tumbling, Double Mini Trampoline and Trampoline.  Come out and give us a try.  Sign up for a $10 drop in online at today.

Recreational Cheerleading

  • Monday from 6PM – 7PM and 8PM – 9PM
  • Friday from 6Pm – 7 PM and 8 Pm – 9PM

Classes focus on tumbling, stunting, flexibility and jumps and learning to work together as a team.  Come out and give us a try.  Sign up for a $10 drop in class online at







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