As we drove around the community yesterday we saw so much damage to homes, power lines and some flooding on roads. We hope that you made it through the storm with minimal damage and get your electricity back on soon. As soon as we have power at the CPS Center we will be reopening the center. For the month of September we will be offering FREE open gyms each week night from 8-9PM and Saturday from 12PM to 2PM. Please feel free to come and get all of that energy out of your kids. They are welcome to bring friends and family for free as well.

If there is anything our family or MGA can do for you please do not hesitate to ask us. We hope to see all of you again very soon. If you have missed classes please send to your request for a make up and we will be sure to schedule that for you.


  For current students. Choose an evaluation day and time from the drop-down menu to have your child evaluated and their skills card updated! The evaluation takes about 15 minutes, and will test children on the skills that are in the curriculum for their program.
Days are assigned to different programs. New sign up dates are listed each month.  There is not cost to Evaluation your child each month.  We encourage you to use this complimentary assessment to see if your child is placed in our program correctly.  Got to and click evaluations.


Website Improvements

News Ticker

There is now a ticker of news at the top of our website.  This news ticker will be updated each day with new information about MGA and events coming up.  Please check with this ticker each day.

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Each day there is an inspirational quote form Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury.

MGA Blog

There is information written about each week in the new MGA blog about things happening around the gym.  There may also be information about your child’s improvement, class info, specials or parties.  Check our blog each day for information to keep up to date.

MGA Merchandise

We have three stores for our customers convenience.  TheFlipStop is a girls everything store for T-shirts, Leotards etc.  Our MGAproud store has all MGA products that you can purchase to show your MGA loyalty and support our gym.  The MGA Specials store has discount passes, Monthly and season specials as well as Open Gym and Gift passes for friends.

MGA General Calendar

 Evaluations For Recreational Classes

Evaluations for MGA recreational classes begin Tuesday after Labor Day.  We will be doing evaluations in special group situations outside of their traditional classes as not to interrupt their learning.  To sign up for your child’s time go to and click on evaluations and fill out and send your form.

Meets Coming up for MGA Girls Gymnastics Team

This meet will be rescheduled

We will be attending on time as regularly scheduled – do not worry about missed practice as everyone at every gym will be in the same boat.  Gymnasts should do their best and not worry about missed practices.  Your coach will let you now if there is some skill that you should not do and needs more practice to do safely.

USA Gymnastics names U.S. team for 2017 World Age Group Competition

Click Here to Visit USA Gymnastics and see article.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 6.49.07 PM

USA Gymnastics Strengthens Safe Sport Program

In June, USA Gymnastics strengthened its safe sport initiatives by accepting the recommendations contained in a comprehensive, independent review of USA Gymnastics’ safe sport policies and procedures, and by unveiling a new Safe Sport Policy. Click here to learn more.


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