Go To MGAgymnastics.com for information about closings and Hurricane information.

Hurricane & Disaster Preparation

Emergency Kit

  • Battery Powered Radio
  • Bottled Water
  • Cash
  • Extra Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlights
  • Fully Charged Cell Phones With Extra Batteries
  • Gas for a Home Generator
  • Important Documents in a Water Proof Container
  • Non-Electric Can Opener
  • Non-Perishable Packaged Food
  • Pet Care Items
  • Special Items for Infants and the Elderly
  • Vehicle Fuel Tanks Filled

Hurricane Shelters

  • Apopka High School
  • Corner Lake Middle School
  • Timber Creek High School
  • Odyssey Middle School
  • Bithlo Community Park
  • Barnett Park

MGA General Calendar

 Some News About The Week:

This week may be a bit crazy with the hurricane.  Please stay tuned to our website at MGAgymnastics.com for up to date information.  If we need to close due to inclement weather, we will post on the website, and email out information as we have the information to give out.

 Evaluations are scheduled for this week.  Don’t forget to sign up at mgagymnastics.com for your special evaluation time.  MGA will be scheduling evaluations on our website each month.  When you want to know how your child is doing, just go to our website and sign up for a date.  It is free of charge and we are happy to give you child and you the feedback that you need.

Ninja on the Go!  Coach Josh will be bringing our Ninja program to Star Child beginning this week.  So if your

Evaluations For Recreational Classes

Evaluations for MGA recreational classes begin Tuesday after Labor Day.  We will be doing evaluations in special group situations outside of their traditional classes as not to interrupt their learning.  To sign up for your child’s time go to mgagymnastics.com and click on evaluations and fill out and send your form.

Meets Coming up for MGA Girls Gymnastics Team

 Motivation of Athletes
Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. Motivation Through Fear

First, instilling fear in others is simple (and it can quickly motivate some people) but over time, fear can easily breed resentment and disloyalty. The athlete who is motivated by fear is likely not so much trying to achieve something as they are trying to avoid something (e.g., losing a position or making a mistake). This athlete generally becomes focused on what not to do, rather than what to do. In time, this can become stressful and lead to a strong sense of resentment and/or disloyalty toward the one instilling the fear.

2. Motivation Through Incentives

     Incentives too can be effective for the short-term. Dangling the “carrot” (e.g., playing time, money, trophies, etc.) is a strong motivator for many athletes but these extrinsic means generally last for only a short time before the “incentives” need increased or made more appealing. The less appealing the incentive, the less motivation one will generally show.

3. Motivation Through Purpose

Finally, developing a strong sense of purpose is most effective for promoting long-term motivation. Creating a sense of purpose and/or meaning is about changing the way athletes think about their roles, their reasons for coming to practice, their influence on teammates, their membership on the team, and their reasons for playing and competing. Providing purpose and meaning is about creating an environment that is conducive to personal growth and encouraging athletes to motivate themselves, as well as inspire their teammates. Developing purpose and meaning takes more time and energy (investment) but it can lead to that long-term motivation for which most coaches are striving.

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