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Some News About The Week:

This week has been a busy one.  We started out the week getting our Level 1 and 2 girls ready for their first competitions.  Coach Melissa has been working with our new Level 1 team and the girls have been working hard on their new skills, and getting their routines together.  The Upper Level compulsory and optional teams are getting ready for their competitive season to begin at the end of October.  Coach Kellen, Lena and Hayley have been working hard with the girls to get them ready too.

Coach Josh has been working with our boys competitive teams and getting them ready for competitions that begin in December.  We ended this week by rearranging the whole equipment area, trying to make room for new bars, new high bar, and new vaulting areas.  Our gym is growing and changing and we could not have better more committed parents that are constantly helping MGA be the best it can be.

Evaluations For Recreational Classes

Evaluations for MGA recreational classes begin Tuesday after Labor Day.  We will be doing evaluations in special group situations outside of their traditional classes as not to interrupt their learning.  To sign up for your child’s time go to and click on evaluations and fill out and send your form.

Meets Coming up for MGA Girls Gymnastics Team

 Some common sense eating tips for Athletes:

  • Avoid quick sugary snacks – they may be convenient but they don’t help your athlete stay healthy or train to their maximum potential.
  • Avoid sugary drinks: Water is the best thing for gymnastics practice.  Sugary drinks just weigh the athlete down.

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  • Pack quick snacks like granola bars, fruit or even peanut butter/cheese crackers.
  • Most of all make sure your little athletes eats before practice.  It is very important that you child has food to eat as a snack if they are going to be at the gym longer than 3 hours.

Three Plays for a Healthy Team – For Additional Reading from USA Gymnastics

Frequently Asked Questions – From Class Moms & Dad

  • How many times should my child attend gymnastics to really see results? Coach Brian says,” most kids that want to see a health benefit or increase their skills should try to attend 2x per week, 3x’s is optimum.  Some of our kids attend only 1x per week for an activity or for recreation which is beneficial too.
  • Why is warm up and stretch important?  In our  1 hour recreational classes students get a quick warm up followed by some basic stretching.  It is important that children stretch out at home on a regular basis to see real benefits.
  • What should my little girl wear to class?  little girls should wear a leotard and tight fitting shorts are good if they wish to wear them over their leotard.  Their hair should be pulled up in a ponytail and secured.
  • What should my tumbler wear to Classe? Tumblers should were tight fitting shirts, with shorts for boys.  Girls should wear tight fitting shirts, with tight fitting shorts that they can move around in comfortably.  There should be no shirts that will fly up over their heads and obstruct their view during tumbling.
  • Should my child practice at home?  Students can practice things like stretching, or strength training like sit ups or push ups.  Students should avoid working on skills that they have not mastered at the gym, or things where they could hurt themselves.  Working out on surfaces that are soft and not slippery are important too.

Some Pics of our Upper Level Girls Team









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