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 Daily Message: (By Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury)

The reason it’s called the past is because it’s done; it’s over; it’s history. Now do your part and let it go. Don’t hold on to things that are not productive.  If it ain’t helping you; if the past is dragging you down; then find something new and better to do.  Don’t waste your time feeling guilty, trying to fix what you can’t change.  Admit your mistakes, make amends and move on.  It is selfish to continue to punish yourself and those around you with things that have already happened.  Look at the present, look to your future and start moving towards your goals.

MGA General Calendar

  • Open Gym Weekdays 8PM – 9PM Saturday 12pm – 1PM – 1PM – 2PM
  • Cost of Open Gym $7 per visit per person.
  • Open Gym Passes Can Be purchased at
  • August 14  Orange County Public Schools First Day 
  • September 1-4   MGA Closed for Recreational Classes 
  • September 5  Evaluation Week For Recreational Classes 
  • September 9  Acro Yoga Workshop 2pm – 6PM 
  • October 16  Schools Out Day Camp 8AM – 5PM $50 
  • October 27  Schools Out Day Camp 8AM – 5PM $50 
  • October 28  6th Annual MGA Halloween Party 7-10PM 
  • October 31  Halloween MGA Closed 

Boys Team Calendar 2017-2018

  • August 14 Orange County Public Schools First Day
  • September 2-4 MGA Closed for Competitive Team
  • September 9 Acro Yoga Workshop 2pm – 6PM
  • September 16 Future Stars State Testing (Gainesville, FL)
  • October 14 Future Stars Regional Testing (Sarasota, FL)
  • October 28 6th Annual MGA Halloween Party 7-10PM
  • November 10-12 Future Stars National Championships (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • November 23 Closed for Thanksgiving
  • December 9-10 Florida Judges Cup (Sarasota, FL)
  • December 24-25 MGA Closed for Christmas
  • December 26-29 Schools Out 1/2Day Camp 8AM – 12PM $30 Team Practice 9AM –
  • 1PM All Levels
  • December 30-31 MGA Closed for Winter Break
  • December 31st 1st Annual New Years Eve Sleepover 7PM – 9AM – $50
  • January 6-7 Gator Swamp Invitational (Gainesville, FL)
  • January 19-21 Whitlow Invitational (Disney Wide World of Sports)
  • January 26-28 Brian Babcock Invitational, Level 6+ (Allentown, PA)
  • February 16-19 Presidential Classic (Disney Wide World of Sports)
  • February 23-25 Gasparilla Classic Invitational (Tampa, FL)
  • March 9-11 Florida Mens State Championships (Estero, FL)
  • March 31 – 4/1 Closed For Easter
  • April 12-15 Region 8 Mens Optional Regional Championships (Jekyll Island, GA)
  • April 26-29 Region 8 Mens Compulsory Regional Championships (Chattanooga, TN)
  • May 9- 13 Junior Olympic National Championships (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • May 26 – 28 Closed for Memorial Day Weekend

Girls Team Calendar 2017 – 2018

  • August 14  Orange County Public Schools First Day 
  • September 2-4  MGA Closed for Competitive Team 
  • September 9  Acro Yoga Workshop 2pm – 6PM 
  • September 16  Harvest Moon Invitational Levels 1-5 J.O. 
  • September 23  Daytona Beach Bash Levels 1-5 J.O. 
  • October 7  Rocktoberfest Invitational Level 2-5 J.O. 
  • October 16  Schools Out Day Camp 8AM – 5PM $50 
  • October 21  Gasparilla Invitational Levels 1-5 J.O. 
  • October 27  Schools Out Day Camp 8AM – 5PM $50 
  • October 28  Shoot For The Stars Invit. Levels 1-5 J.O. 
  • October 28  6th Annual MGA Halloween Party 7-10PM 
  • October 31  Halloween MGA Closed 
  • November 11  Turkey Trott Levels 1-5 J.O. Get A Grip Invit. Levels 6+ 
  • November 18  State Competition Level 2 J.O. Chalk It Up Invit. Level 6+ 
  • November 23-26  Closed for Thanksgiving 
  • December 2  State Competition Level 4/5 J.O. 
  • December 9  State Competition Level 3 J.O. 
  • December 22  Schools Out Day Camp 8AM – 5PM $50 
  • December 24-25  MGA Closed for Christmas 
  • December 26-29  Schools Out 1/2Day Camp 8AM – 12PM $30  
  • Team Practice 9AM – 12PM All Levels 
  • December 30-31  MGA Closed for Winter Break 
  • December 31st  1st Annual New Years Eve Sleepover 7PM – 9AM – $50 
  • January 2-5  Schools Out Winter Camp Tue – Fri 8AM – 5PM $175 
  • January 6  Tamp Bay Invit. Level 6+ 
  • January 13  Tamp Bay Classic Level 6+ 
  • January 15  Schools Out Day Camp 8AM – 5PM $50 
  • January 27  Flamingo Invit Levels 6+ and Xcel 
  • February 17  Presidential Classic Level 6+ and Xcel 
  • February 24  Daytona Classic Lvel 6+ and Xcel 
  • March 3  Somersalt Invit. 6+ 
  • March 10  Leprechaun Ivit. Xcel 
  • March 17  State Competition Level 6 J.O. 
  • March 19 – 23  Schools Out Spring Camp Mon – Fri 8AM – 5PM $199 
  • March 24  State Competition Level 7/8 J.O. 
  • March 31 – 4/1  Closed For Easter 
  • April 7  State Competition Xcel 
  • May 25 – 28  Closed for Memorial Day Weekend 

After School Program Begins Aug. 14th

After School begins this week.  Don’t forget to sign up for this awesome program today!  Spots are now filling up as we will only accept 15 children from each of the schools listed below.  Children get picked up from school and transported to the gym, where they do homework, have a snack and get time on tons of fun equipment, such as trampoline, in-ground pits, gymnastics equipment, mats, bars, barrels, ninja equipment and more! Below are the schools we currently pick up from.

  • Apopka Elementary
  • Wolf Lake Elementary
  • Rock Springs Elementary
  • Dream Lake Elementary
  • Lovell Elementary

What is Trampoline & Tumbling?

Trampoline and tumbling (T&T) is a division of USA Gymnastics, similar to artistic (standard) gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, and rhythmic gymnastics. Trampoline competitions date back to the early 1950’s. Since the 1990’s trampoline has gained more popularity around the world. Olympic trampoline debuted at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in Austrailia.

The sport of T&T includes 3 major events: the trampoline, the double mini trampoline, and the rod floor (power tumbling). USA Gymnasics programs break down into 10 Levels before the elite levels:

  • Levels 1-4 is the introductory levels,
  • Levels 5-7 are compulsory (planned routines)
  • Levels 8-10 are Optional (athletes create their own routines.)

 Come out and have your little boy or girl try one of our classes on Wednesday at 7PM for an hour or Friday 7PM.  Coach Brian Shrewsbury looks forward to seeing you.

 Xcel Bronze Level – Tryout Today!

Xcel Bronze is an entry level for competitive gymnastics.  This level of competitive gymnastics is intended for entry level competition, just a few days a week, and is super fun and challenging.  Come and try out one of our classes today and see if your child would Xcel at gymnastics.

Drop In Today (Online Only)

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.37.23 PM

      Don’t want to sign up for a membership?  Click below or go online to or and purchase a drop in for only $10.  Once you purchase your drop i

n, call the gym and reserve a class time. (first come first serve, Drop Ins expired 6 months after purchase.


Cheer Level 2 Competitive

Come out and have your little girl try out for our beginning level 2 cheerleading.  The children will have the opportunity to compete in several competitions throughout the late fall into winter time.  The children get beautiful dazzling uniforms and learn tumbling, stunts and choreographed routines.  Come out and try a class for free and see if your little champion enjoys our program.

Buy one of our #mgaproud T shirts today!

For only $7.99 show your pride and wear one of these comfortable vinyl t-shirts.  Click below to purchase and pick your shirt up at MGA on your next class.  Shirts may be personalized with your child’s name on it for $5.00 additional.


Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.01.39 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.01.57 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.02.45 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.03.02 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.03.14 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.03.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.03.44 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.03.54 PM

Buy one of our BEAMS TODAY!

For onlyScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.26.30 PM $99 get your little champion a personalized beam. It is important for your little girl to practice every day on her skills as home.  Our little starter beams are perfect for beginning to even more advanced skills.  Click below to purchase and pick your beam up at MGA on your next class.  Beams are personalized and safely carpeted. 










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