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July Calendar

  • Camp Week #5 7/17/17 – 7/21/17
  • July 23rd National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  • Camp Week #6 7/24/17 – 7/28/17 – Sign Up Here
  • Camp Week #7 8/4/17 – 8/8/17 –  Sign Up Here
  • Open Gym Everyday and Weekdays 8PM – 9PM Saturday 12pm – 1PM – 1PM – 2PM

Summer Camp Week 4 News

The fourth week of Summer Camp has ended, it was the first week back after the break and we had a great time! Children are learning new skills everyday!

We captured some of these skills in pictures and videos, be sure to check them out!  They are posted on Facebook  and Instagram , click the links and enjoy them.  Our staff enjoyed teaching  all of the children this week, watching their progress and seeing many of them make new friends.

Campers of The Week




  • Ninja Camper of the Week – Ari Roussique
  • Gymnastics Camper of the Week – Ava Russo
  • Tumbling Camper of the Week – Hannah Moffa

Camp Week 4

After School Program (Enroll Now)

School starts again next month! Be prepared and register your child now for our MGA After-school Program! Children get picked up from school and transported to the gym, where they do homework, have a snack and get time on tons of fun equipment, such as trampoline, in-ground pits, gymnastics equipment, mats, bars, barrels, ninja equipment and more!

Schools that we currently pick up from include:

  •   Apopka Elementary
  • Wolf Lake Elementary
  • Rock Springs Elementary
  • Dream Lake Elementary
  • Lovell Elementary

Pricing is available for 1-5 days per week! For a complete list of information, visit us at Afterschool Program

Gymnastics News


Xcel Bronze is an entry level for competitive gymnastics. Our team of 8 Xcel Bronze gymnasts are working hard each week getting ready for this Fall when they will compete for the first time.  Coach Mark works with them on Monday and Friday.  If you think your daughter has the stuff to be a champion, give us a call and MGA will set up a free trial practice. Practices are twice a week, for two hours each day. 4:30 – 6:30 M,W  Call us for a tryout today. 407 880 0809

Girls Gymnastics Level 1

Level 1 is our first level in girls gymnastics.  In this level we teach basic skills on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor.  The students begin working on the learning the correct form and terminology for gymnastics.  This level is for girls ages 4-6

Level 1 also has a competitive team class.  If you are interested in a more advanced progressive group call us for a Free Try- out for this level. 407 880 0809

Girls Gymnastics Level 2

This is our second level of girls gymnastics  In this level we teach more advanced skills on all of the events.  Students must have achieved good balance, coordination and basics skills at the level 1 in order to participate in this level.

Level 2 also has a competitive team class.  If you are interested in a more advanced progressive group call us for a Free Try- out for this level. 407 880 0809

Girls Gymnastics Level 3 (Pre-Team)

This is the third and final level of our recreational gymnastics classes.  In this level we teach more advanced skills all of the girls events, as well as perfecting form on their basic skills.  Students must have achieved the skills in the previous level in order to participate in these classes.

Level 3 also has a competitive team class.  If you are interested in a more advanced progressive group call us for a Free Try- out for this level. 407 880 0809

Cheerleading News


MGA Storm Allstar Cheerleading Levels 1 and 2 are looking for new athletes that would like to compete this up coming season. Students that are between the ages of 6 – 14 should tryout.

This week our students have been working on their round off back handsprings.  When each of our students achieves their back handspring, they will receive a complimentary MGA Storm Allstar shirt for being a SPRINGER! If you think your little one has the stuff to be a Cheerleader come try our a practice today!  Ask for Coach Hayley

Summer Camps

Our camps start back this week, and we still have some spots available. Our regular camp hours are 9AM to 5PM.  We offer extended hours as early at 8AM and as late as 6PM for an additional cost.  To sign up please call (407) 880-0809.  Discounts are available for multiple weeks

Camp begins with Open Workout, stretch, basic skills and then breaks up into Gymnastics events, Tumbling events or Ninja Course.  Some things to think about….

  • Kids get thirsty so pack a lot of water.  Try not to pack sugary items as these will not hydrate your child as well as water.
  •  Send them with a Back Pack: Inside have – 2 healthy snacks for AM and PM, Drinks, Water, and a healthy lunch.  Also pack a sweat towel, and maybe an extra shirt or socks just in case.
    • Please don’t send electronics, we cannot be responsible for phones or games.  If you need to call please call anytime, or even stop by to see how your child is doing.  They may call you at any time as well.  If you must send a phone than have them place it in a safe place.

MGA Parent Booster Organization

MGA Booster Organization is working hard to get our team ready for the upcoming competition season. Please make sure you are checking your email and Facebook for updates regarding upcoming events and payments due.

If you are not familiar with who our Booster Organization members are please let us know and we will be sure to introduce you.

Coach Corner

MGA Gymnastics Philosophy:

At MGA Gymnastics, want our customers to come to us because we have a good environment, we care, we are knowledgeable and we provide a good experience for families. In Orlando’s small gymnastics community, we want to be the business that fosters good will between all of the gymnastics centers in Central Florida.

MGA staff and managers will never disparage another center, steal from others’ hard work and will always encourage the growth and strength of all of the centers that are good for families.

MGA believes that what is good should be celebrated and nurtured. Competition between businesses is necessary and fosters our whole gymnastics community to be stronger and do great things when done in the spirit of our children. #mgaproud

USA Gymnastics Events









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