By Brian Keith Shrewsbury

Not Communicating – It is important to tell people what we think.  People that communicate what they want generally get the things they want.  It is also important to communicate with the right people.  We should communicate to capable people that can help us accomplish our goals.

Not being Punctual – Running late for things communicates a lot to people.  Some may think we are disorganized.  Others may think we just don’t care about something, or you do not respect yourself or others.  It is important to be on time, interested in the things we commit to and to do things with passion.

Hurting other people – Purposely spending time hurting others is a fruitless and destructive task.  A person spending time hating someone and actively doing things to hurt that person has no time to spend on their own success.  When we are busy doing bad there really isn’t much time for good.

Loosing Your Uniqueness – Some things in life we just have to do.  Some things in life we get a choice to do. Being unique means never loosing who we are in the daily grind of life.  It is important to be unique and have a positive change on the world around us.

Putting Things Off – No one ever accomplished anything tomorrow.  Every day it is important that we accomplish something towards our goals.  Even small steps can move us towards our goals over time.

Lying  – Lying is a behavior that gets no one anywhere.  Those that lie do so on a regular basis, and their behavior is usually global.  Regular distortion of the truth is a waste of time for the person making up the story as well as the listener.  We need to tell ourselves as well as others what is true, and solve the problems instead of avoiding them.

Gossiping – Gossip hurts everyone when the information is not true, has no source, and all sides are not heard.




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