By Coach Kellen Tichenor

Summer can be a bit of a hectic time for parents and children. Everyone has to adjust to a new schedule without school, and there are many decisions to make about what to do with the kids over the summer, how to keep them on track with something positive to do, and where their time over the summer is best spent.

Having your child or children enrolled in an MGA Summer Camp is a great option for parents who don’t just want to keep their kid(s) busy, but also want something that is both good for them and is something that they will actually enjoy.

Why Put Your Child in a Summer Camp?

Having an activity for your child to do over the summer, whether it is one week or the whole summer, is important because it can continue the benefits that school provides during the fall, winter, and spring.

Structure is something that school gives children during the rest of the year, but can fall away during the summer. Structure is important because it keeps children disciplined, and also keeps them on a healthier sleeping and eating schedule.

Keeping children out trouble by keeping them busy with an activity is one of the more obvious reasons to have a child in a summer camp. Less time spent sitting at home not doing anything or roaming around the neighborhood means less time for kids to be bored and do things or get into things that they shouldn’t.

Socialization is also import for kids, however. While they’ll certainly spend part of their time over the summer going to the pool with friends, or play at their house, it is still important for children to learn how to be social and make new friends. This is another area that really helps kids over the summer, when they are forced to socialize in school. Often there are some new kids in camp each week, which gives kids the opportunity to connect with a variety of different kids.

Why Choose MGA?

There are many different summer camps that are out there that can be beneficial for kids, but there are things that make summer camps at MGA stand our from the crowd.

A caring, family environment is something that we have always prided ourselves in at MGA. I am not just a coach, but I have been with MGA almost my entire life. I started when I was 7 years old, attended classes and summer camps, then competitive team and eventually competed at the Elite level until I was 24 years old. The amazing experience that I had growing up and the caring I experienced is something that I aim to duplicate in all of the kids that I coach, and in every child that my coaches teach in the center, including our three summer camps. There is truly nothing else like it.

The physical benefits of our summer camps is another big reason to chose MGA. All day long, we have children doing a wide variety of different physical activities, from sport-specific instruction, to team-building games, stretching, and conditioning. Because the activities are varied this way, kids not only get a complete full-body workout, they also get both anaerobic and aerobic exercise, flexibility training, and strength training.

There are mental benefits that children also experience in our summer camps. This is because we challenge kids to be better and help them to set specific goals for them to accomplish each week. This is probably one of the most important skills that I learned as a child that I believe every child would benefit greatly from – learning how to set a goal, creating a path to accomplish it, then either getting it done and feeling that wonderful feeling, or not quite getting it done and realizing that there were still benefits of trying, and learning from the experience.

The benefit that kids love the most about MGA Summer Camps is that it’s actually fun! A combination of the environment, the activities, the friends they make, and the accomplishment kids feel, make it so that kids get all of these great benefits without even often realizing it, because they are actually have a great time.

MGA Has a Camp for Everyone

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