From the Bottom to the Top!
By Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury

Our cheerleading team started over three years ago. We started out with just a small tight bunch of kids and parents. We were proud of our group, and the girls worked really hard. Our team only had about 6 kids. They practiced three times a day, and many of them started out with no tumbling, no jumps or even any ideas about cheerleading. Our coaches worked with them everyday, and encouraged them to be the best they could be.

Our team had many set backs along the way. Some of the kids and parents undermined own team, but the core of our kids and coaches kept on going. Our kids would learn new skills and begin to get better, and those students would leave us for another team because they did not need us anymore. Each time your own team works against you, you learn to work harder. Our core kids just never stopped and never quit. We learned the the grass on the other side of the fence may be greener, but at some point you just have to learn to make your own grass green.

This year our team persevered and had a winning year. The kids worked together, the parents pulled together too creating a great organization. Our team is right in the middle of some of the best squads in the industry. Yet last night it felt good to have our little group hit it and do so well. Our coaches and our parent were so proud of the kids and all that they have learned this past year.

Being the best isn’t everything, sometimes it really isn’t that important. Joining a winning team just means that the work was done for you before you got there. Making a winning team, and building the team from the bottom teaches the kids and the coaches so much about working together. There are so many lessons learned when everyone is struggling together. I am so proud of our group. This upcoming year our cheer group is set to grow and develop in even more ways. Our tryouts are coming up this May and we are excited about how many phone calls and parents that are coming through our doors. Our coaches are set to train, our program is developed and organized. MGA Storm Allstars is a team of values, strengths and something to be proud of.


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