By Coach Brian Keith Shrewsbury
Don’t Let Your Gymnast Fall Behind This Summer!

Gymnasts learn a variety of things throughout the year. Much of the year is dedicated to learning and perfecting routines for competitions. A smaller portion of the year is for learning new skills and having fun. At MGA we work on developing new skills, getting our kids stronger, and perfecting new skills all year round. Challenging kids is important and so is perfecting the basics.

In order for athletes to move up from one level to the next, they must achieve USA Gymnastics mandated minimum all around scores. USA Gymnastics mandates a 31.00 All Around total from a sanctioned meet in order to move up. At MGA we expect a 36.00 All Around score at most levels to move up. The competition is quite fierce and even a 36.00 All Around score many gymnasts will not place in the all around in Florida competitions. Our expectations are well above the minimum scores so that our girls can be competitive.

During the summer our coaches will be focusing on strength, flexibility and new skills mainly. We will also be working on basics to make them cleaner, which are the building blocks of gymnastics. In Early July our coaches will return to compulsory routines, as well as choreographing optional routines to get students ready again for the competition season. Our coaches will continue to implement flexibility, strength and new skills throughout the year.

As parents watch their child grow over the critical summer months and develop into a stronger and more competitive gymnasts, remember that it is important to feed your child correctly and make sure that they get enough sleep. A gymnast that is hungry or tired will not practice well, and it is important that girls get enough protein and good carbs in their diet to allow them to work hard and develop. Fast food is definitely out for gymnasts, as well as candy, sodas etc. If you are feeding your child empty calories, they will not progress, and they will fall behind the other athletes.

At MGA we hope that this summer will be a prosperous one. There will be many opportunities for your child to excel. Summer camps will be run every day of the week, as well as the normal practice schedule. Please utilize the two weeks of Team camp and selected camp weeks and days throughout the summer season to get your child ahead. A child that falls behind is one that will stay behind the rest of the season.

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